Rules and Regulations

In order to be eligible for consideration in the 2000 Game Critics Awards, a game must have been on display at the 2000 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA, May 11-13, 2000.

Games shown off-site and in private meeting rooms were eligible along with those shown publicly on the show floor.

New categories for 2016 awards! Gambling, Poker, Streaming and more ...

Playable Format

In order to compete a game must have been shown in playable form. Playable form is defined as the ability for the judge or a developer to manipulate the game in real-time running on its native platform. Games which were only demonstrated via videotapes, screenshots, rendered movies, concept art, sell sheets, press kits, EPKs, or any derivative thereof were automatically disqualified from consideration in the major award categories. However, non-playable games were still eligible for Special Commendations in Graphics and Sound Design.

Additional Categories

As E3Awards has been growing for the last several years, a decision was made to accept new categories for 2016 awards. You can already send us your suggestions on who would you like to nominate and which category or categories it could represent. This applies to all of the current categories as well as new.

Introducing new awards categories and expanding the awards seem a natural step with the boom on of online gaming, streaming via Twitch and a dawn of other platforms. Also, a quite surprising rise of online poker was a factor. While there are still many grey markets for online gambling, poker has been a top 15 category on Twitch for almost 2 years now while three states in U.S. have legalized online gambling and, as it seems, many more will follow in the upcoming years.

As a result, one of the new categories that has been recently confirmed is Best Online Gambling operator that in 2016 awards will be sponsored by Leo Vegas . It is also likely that Best Poker Operator, Best Online Sportsbook and Best Online Casino will also feature.

If you would like to suggest your category and nominees, please do so until November 1, 2016. The final decision will belong to a panel of judges.

Selection of Judges

The Judges for the 2000 Game Critics Awards were determined at the sole discretion of the Chairman in consultation with the Associate Chairmen of the Game Critics Award Committee. The list of judges is formulated before the E3 show and made available to marketing and public relations representatives at major software and hardware developers.

Judges are generally Editors in Chief of major North American game publications. Judges are encouraged, where appropriate, to solicit the opinions of colleagues at their respective publications when determining the nominees. Judges for the awards are determined on a year-by-year basis and the inclusion of a judge during one year’s awards process does not necessarily dictate that they will be included in future years.

Category Selection and Definition

Before E3 the Game Critics Awards Chairman, in consultation with the Associate Chairmen and Judges, determines the list of categories that will be voted upon each year. The Chairman has the final say as to which categories will be open for voting. The inclusion of a category one year does not necessarily dictate that it will be included in future years. In the event that there is a debate as to which category a game falls under, the Chairman has final say as to the category definition.

Nomination and Voting Process

After the E3 show, the Chairman declares a date when nominations are due. Based on the category definitions, the Judges submit their top five choices in each category, which are then weighted based on ranking. (For example, the top choice receives five points, whereas the fifth choice receives one point). These results are tabulated by two independent parties, and then compared to ensure accuracy. The nominees are then announced, with five nominees in each category. In the case of a tie for fifth place, all tying titles are nominated. Approximately two weeks after the nominees are announced the Judges are asked to vote for their top choice among the five (or more) nominees in each category.

These votes are tabulated by two independent parties, and then compared to ensure accuracy. The winners are then announced along with the two runners-up in the category. In the event of a tie for a winning slot, the weighted points from the nomination round are used to break the tie. In the unlikely event that two games tie during the nomination process and during the final voting, both games are named winners in that category.


If you have further questions about the Game Critics Awards and its rules and regulations, please see the Contact Us page.

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